1.Deed of Confirmation/Ratification

Any act which is done in exercise of lawful authority granted or in pursuance of a legal appointment made by the person who is supposed to do such act personally but had lawfully appointed or authorized other person to do such act is subsequently confirmed and ratified by the person granting such authority or making such appointment by executing this legal instrument in favour of the person who had relied upon the authority which is so granted and which is so exercised. By the Deed of Confirmation/Ratification the grantor of authority acknowledges the act of the party acting on such authority or appointment.
For e.g. the Vendor’s constituted attorney/representative authorized or appointed through a valid Power Of Attorney may have done certain act and deed in pursuance of the powers and authority granted by the Vendor for and on behalf of and in the name of the Vendor then in such cases the Vendor executes the Deed of Confirmation/Ratification in favour of the party with whom or in whose favour the Vendor’s attorney/representative has done that act. Same is the case with the Trust wherein the sale/lease is confirmed by the other Trustees.

2.Deed of Rectification/Correction

Rectification is reorganising the earlier document wherein any error or mistake has occurred inadvertently.
While at some place it may happen that the earlier document may have a wrong schedule describing the property or containing the erroneous payment details, at other place the name, age, occupation, address of the parties may have been incorrectly written. In such event the Deed Rectification comes to the rescue of the parties affected by such error.

3.Deed of cancellation

By Cancellation, as the word suggest, any previous legal instrument is revoked and cancelled thus demonstrating the intention of the parities not to proceed with the legal obligations created by such legal instrument.
Where an Agreement for sale is executed and for any reason the parties are not able to perform their parts thereunder then such parties may mutually rescind and cancel the contract. If such contract relates to the sale/purchase of the real estate and the stamp duty has been paid, then the party paying the stamp duty is entitled to the refund of such stamp duty as per the provisions of the Stamp Act.
Once the Deed of Cancellation is duly executed and all other formalities are completed, then the subject-matter of the legal instrument or transaction cancelled is set free and the parties then are at liberty to deal with the third party exclusive of the former parties.

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