Experts gain in-depth knowledge and experience through their talent and constant research and acquire specialization in various subjects of science & technology, industry, commerce & trade, law, literature, human resource, building designs, information technology, governance agriculture, medical, arms & ammunition and much more and by reason thereof enjoy coveted position in the society.
With the emergence of numerous avenues in the new emerging world the services of these experts who act as consultants are of great worth and thus are in huge demand to help draw optimum output, prevent losses. Thus, the relationship of a Consultant and the Client i.e. the seeker of consultation and advice, generate specific rights, responsibilities, obligations inter se.
An experienced lawyer or attorney having profound knowledge and possessing good skill assists in drawing fine Consultancy Agreement properly defining the rights and duties of the parties thereto.
A well placed Consultancy Agreement identifies scope of work as to the nature of services, time and availability, confidentiality obligation, standard of conduct, documentation; defines restrictive and positive relationship of the Consultant/Advisor, compensation payable and reimbursement to be made to the Consultant, tax liability; tenure and termination of services, etc.

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