In real estate documentation like Sale/Purchase Deed or Development Agreement & Development Power Of Attorney or  Transfer of Development Rights or any other legal indenture but during the subsistence of the Agreement for Sale, professional obligation is cast upon the competent lawyer to publish, prior to the issuance of Search Report and Certificate of Title, in the newspaper having substantial circulation, proper Public Notice to inform the public at large about the impending transaction with a intention to invite objections or say from the concerned member of the public having claim by way of sale, mortgage, lease, lien, gift, exchange, possession, inheritance, succession, easements, maintenance, agreement for sale, charge, attachment, legal rights, etc., and/or otherwise in and upon the property by operation of law or by an voluntary or deliberate act of the seller.
The law enjoins that the buyer/taker of a real estate should be a bonafide purchaser/taker and should take all steps to ensure that the seller has good marketable and transferable title and any negligence on the part of such buyer/taker may entail fatal consequence adverse to the buyer/taker who may be liable to lose the property or its value.

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