Various events are planed, organized, promoted, conducted by the charities, community groups, sport clubs, NGOs, educational & governmental bodies. Expenditure for conducting such events is met by the Sponsors who are mostly corporate houses and commercial establishments. By assisting in the promotion of the object of the event, the Sponsors, with a view to gain and keep informed the potential customer base, make an effort to campaign for or launch their products and services.
Events Sponsorship Agreement (for short “ESA”) attempts to strike a proper balance between the Organisers of Events and the Sponsors.
A best piece of ESA should incorporate appropriate rights, licenses, permits and obligations, duties, etc; as to the use and display of trademarks associated with products & services, advertising, signage, branding, promotional and merchandising material, publicity opportunities, leverage or partnership with other marketing activities, supply of goods or services, ceremonial involvement, exclusivity, future sponsorship options.
ESA must also encompass in it Restrictive Covenants as to:

  •     Conduct of parties that may-
  •     that may expose the parties to legal liability;
  •     entail conflict of interests;
  •     not to display any advertisement
  •     against public policy;
  •     that is political, religious or pornographic in nature, or that is likely to be considered offensive;
  •     that depicts smoking, or is for a tobacco product;
  •     that is, false, deceptive or misleading;
  •     that is not properly affixed or interferes with the features or proper use of the associated assets;
  •     in any manner which will or is likely to pose a risk to the health or safety of any person whomsoever.


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