Legal Research & Jurisprudence

The Information Technology Revolution is making the world pass through a transition transforming it into a global village which process is laying ever lasting effects on every member of the human race no matter to which part of the planet he/she belongs.
Consequently, the laws conventional as well as statutory are no exceptions to the changing world and thus are under constant process of amendment, modification, revision world over by the legislative bodies, judiciary, administrators and the men of reasoning of the civilised society for getting adapted to the rapidly changing state of affairs and novel conditions being created and shaped by globalisation.
Legal Fraternity needs to address the issues of defining, conceptualising, analysing the new rights, obligations, duties, functions arising out of the spontaneous revolution by Nano-Technology, Bio-Technology, Cyber Technology and Information Technology.
We, as a law firm, are eager to participate in the process of change for the betterment of mankind and hence, intend make a small contribution with other participants from every sphere.
Law is a vehicle of social change say Great Thinkers and Philosophers. Thus, We need to understand the intricacies of diverse laws, of the different nations, concerning the Trade & Commerce, Intellectual Property, Information Technology, Real Estate, Immigration, Education, Social Welfare, Employment, Bio-Technology, Nano-Technology, Cyber-Technology, etc; for defining and designing newer cogent, congenial and coherent legal concepts.
With the purposes aforesaid and for the promotion of human values we consider a global chain of law Scholars, Intellectuals, Theorists is a need of the hour. Hence, we intend for mutual interaction whereby we can undertake offshore legal assignments providing professional assistance to the various sectors such as Corporate, Banking, Real Estates, IPR, Consumer, Health & Medical, Commerce, Agriculture, etc; in form of Legal Research involving analysis of case laws, document review, opinion formation, drafting deeds, as per the needs suited to the global law firms and people. For this we look forward for data collection, scrutiny, assimilation and dissemination.
Legal Research with the support of mutual interaction and exchange will enable us offer law firms and their clientele and other relevant entities, professional and consultancy services in the areas such as Housing Development & Construction, Real Properties, Revenue, Transfer of Technology, Commercial, Financial, Company Affairs, Arbitration and Reconciliation, Governance, Co-operative Societies Affairs, Trust Affairs, Legal Notices, Licenses, Copyright, Trade Marks, Patents, Feasibility Reports.
Having understood the significance of global change and its impact on legal field, we intend to locate, identify and bring to forth the unnoticed talent, aptitude, brilliance and wisdom so as to assist in the distribution of available and emerging resources thus attempting to strike a proper balance between the privileged and the deprived.
For the accomplishment of the goal of generating optimum business and employment prospects for the entrepreneurs and industrious men through the process of digitisation we think it appropriate that we join together and toil to bring social and economic equality!
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