Privacy Policy

This website is developed with a view to educate the visitors, of the mode of operation of a law firm and also of the general principles and concepts and procedures of various law and also invite their observation thus making the website interactive with the information changing hands by sending query or sending feedback.
While exchanging the information with the visitors we do not ask for credit card information or any financial information online. We provide separate facility for online payment where the credit card is not required to be used.
Once we enter a fiduciary relationship of the Client-Attorney then we become bound by our professional ethics not to disclose, pass-on or transfer any information of our client to anybody for any reason.
From the visitor’s information getting included in our data-base we may use, pass-on or transmit the e-mail ID for the purposes of sending updates, newsletters, mails, offers, etc.
We may use your information to remove the errors crept into the informative pages, to update the information contained in the pages, to disseminate more knowledge and information to the visitor. Your information may help us do analysis to draw proper and appropriate perception to make the website more informative and knowledgeable.
Being the interactive and educative website your e-mail ID is likely to be passed on or transmitted to the third party for bona fide reasons without causing any injury or damage to your trust reposed in us. If you do not consent to such passing on or transmitting of you e-mail ID, then we may request you not to share the same with us. Otherwise, submission of your e-mail shall act as your voluntary consent to such passing on or transmitting.
Your other demographic and personal information is highly valued and honoured and the same is not shared with the person or legal entity outside the scope our organisation.
It shall always within our right to modify, alter or change or update the contents of our Privacy Policy.