We believe that property money is safe in the Seller’s pocket as he can physically protect his pocket with his own hand but the property can be safeguarded in the Purchaser’s hand only and only with the legal deeds and documents appropriately drafted by an expert lawyer.

At JFS LAW FIRM we are entrusted, by the commercial ventures and concerns belonging to the property development and construction sector which undertake building and construction of housing schemes and commercial projects, with the crucial assignments which includes, thorough investigation of the title of the property, scrutinising the nature of ownership, sorting out the issues adverse to the property ownership, carrying out compliances to make the property title clear and marketable, checking, verifying and complying with the numerous provisions of diverse laws, Statutes, Acts that influence the property, its ownership, the relationship of the land-owner and the land developer, formulating and drafting of various legal instruments and deeds that govern and protect the relationship of the property developer & land-owner as also that of the property developer & the prospective purchasers of the units in the projects.

The services of the JFS LAW FIRM are also signed up by the individuals, commercial houses, establishments, institutions, other firms in the areas of Drafting and Documentation of Legal Instruments such as Land Development Agreement, between Land-Owners and Developers, Title Investigation and Search, Agreement for Sale, Deed of Sale, Conveyance of Flat-Apartment-Row House-Bunglow, Formation of Housing Society, Formation & Transfer of Apartments, MOU-All kinds, Mortgages-All kinds, Leases, Gifts, Exchange, Partition, Leave And Licence, Flat Ownership, Apartment, Release, Declaration, etc; Indemnity and Guarantee, Bonds, Partnership, Building Contracts, Advertisement Contracts, Power of Attorney-All kinds, Adoption, Testamentary (Will) deeds, Issuance of Public Notices, etc.

Land Use:

  1. Town Planning
  2. Development Plan
  3. Regional Plan
  4. TDR  (Transferable Development Rights)
Development Projects
Redevelopment Projects
Special Townships
Foreign Direct Investment