Section 22 of the Maharashtra Regional & Town Planning Act 1966 (for short MRTP Act) specifies the contents that are incorporated in the Development Plan.
Contents of Development plan:- A Development plan shall generally indicate the manner in which the use of land in the area of the Planning Authority shall be regulated, and also indicate the manner in which the development of land therein shall be carried out; In particular, it shall provide so far as may be necessary for all any of the following matters, that is to say:-
(a) Proposal for allocating the use of land for purposes, such as residential, industrial, commercial, agricultural, recreational;
(b) Proposal for designation of land for public purposes, such a school, collages, and other educational institutions, medical and public health institutions, markets, social welfare and cultural institutions, theatres and places for public entertainment, or public assembly, museums, art galleries, religious buildings and government and other public buildings as may from time to time be approved by the State Government;
(c) Proposals for designation of areas for open spaces, playgrounds, standia, zoological gardens, green belts, nature reserves sanctuaries and dairies;
(d) Transport and communications, such as roads, high-ways, parkways, railways, water-ways, canals and airports, including their extension and development;
(e) Water supply, drainage, sewerage, sewage disposal, other public utilities, amenities and services including electricity and gas;
(f) Reservation of land for community facilities and services;
(g) Proposals for designation of sites for services industries, industrial estates and any other development on an extensive scale;
(h) Preservation, conversation and development of areas of natural scenery and landscape;
(i) Preservation of features structures of places of historical, natural, architectural and scientific interest and educational value [and of heritage buildings and heritage precincts];
(j) Proposal for flood control and prevention of river pollution;
(k) Proposals of the Central Government, a State Government, Planning Authority or public utility undertaking or any other authority established by law for designation of land as subject to acquisition for public purpose or as specified in a Development plan, having regard to the provisions of section 14 or for development or for securing use of the land in the manner provided by or under this Act;
(l) The filing up or reclamation of low lying-swampy or unhealthy areas or leveling up of land;
(m) Provisions for permission to be granted for controlling and regulating the use and development of land within the jurisdiction of a local authority including imposition of conditions and restrictions and restrictions in regard to the open space to be maintained about buildings, the percentage of building area for a plot, the location, number, size, height, number of storyes and the character of buildings and density of population allowed in a specified area, the use and purpose to which buildings or specified areas of land may or not be appropriated, the sub-division of plots, the discontinuance of objectionable users of land in any area in reasonable period, parking space and loading and unloading space for any building and the sizes of projections and advertisement signs and boardings and other matters as may be considered necessary for carrying out the objects of this Act.