The Maharashtra Regional & Town Planning Act 1966 (for short MRTP Act) lays down the procedure for the formulation of Regional Plan which contains the following:
Contents of Regional Plan
(a)  Allocation of land for different uses, general distribution and general locations of land, and the extent to which the land may be used as residential, industrial agricultural, or as forest, or for mineral exploitation;
(b)  Reservation of areas for open spaces, gardens, recreation, zoological gardens, nature reserves, animal sanctuaries, dairies and health resorts;
(c)  Transport and communications, such as roads, highways, railways, water-ways, canals and airports, including their development;
(d)  Water supply, drainage, sewerage, sewage disposal and other public utilities amenities and services including electricity and gas;
(e)  Reservation of sites for new towns, industrial estates and any other large-scale development or project which is required to be undertakes for proper development of the Region or new town;
(f)  Preservation, conservation and development of areas of natural scenery, forest wild life, natural resources, and land-scaping;
(g)  Preservation of objects, features, structures or places of historical, natural, architectural or scientific interest and educational value;
(h)  Areas required for military and defence purposes;
(i)  Prevention of erosion, provision for afforestation, or reforestation, improvement and redevelopment of water front areas, rivers and lakes;
(j)  Proposal for irrigation, water supply and hydro-electric works, floods control and preventation of river pollution;
(k)  Providing for the relocation of population or industry from over-populated and industrially congested areas, and indicating the density population or the concentration of industry to be allowed in any areas.