Town Planning


The Maharashtra Regional & Town Planning Act 1966 (for short MRTP Act) makes provisions for planning the development and use of land in regions established for that purpose and for the constitution of Regional Planning Boards, for the preparation of Development plans with a view to ensuring that town planning scheme are made in a proper manner and their execution is made effective. The MRTP Act also provides for the creation of new towns by means of Development Authorities; for the compulsory acquisition of land required for public purposes in respect of the plans.
Building operations: The MRTP Act defines “Building operations” as the operations that includes erection or re-erection of a building or any part thereof, roofing or re-roofing of any part of a building or of any open space any material alteration or enlargement of a building, any such alteration of a building as is likely to effect alternation of its drainage or sanitary arrangement or materially affect its security, or the construction of a door opening on any street or land not belonging to the owner;
Development: According to MRTP Act, “development” with it grammatical variations means the carrying out of buildings, engineering, mining or other operations in, or over, or under, land or the making of any material change, in any building or land or in the use of any building or land [or any material structural change in any heritage building or its precincts] [and includes[demolition of any existing building, structure or erection or part of such building, structure and erection] [reclamation] redevelopment and lay-out and sub-division of any “to develop” shall be constructed accordingly].