Legal Practitioners who possess sound knowledge of law and intricacies involved in identifying rights, obligations, responsibilities of human relations; tremendous experience and flair and knack can offer appropriate and acceptable solutions and counseling within the bounds of law in diverse disputes or claims by going to the root cause thereof helping save the litigants from tearing apart permanently with estranged relations and thus saves time of the court and litigants.

Corporate and Commercial Disputes

Disputes arising out of commercial and corporate relations can well be settled out of court through an impartial intermediary for a healthy growth of business. Court procedures often tend to impede the development and progress of litigating entities by consuming heavy time and money. A law firm can be instrumental in organising mediation for the resolving such disputes.

Matrimonial Dispute Resolution

In Matrimonial Dispute Resolution an experienced lawyer identifies all personal and interpersonal issues relating to marriage, separation, or divorce and care of the children etc; and accordingly offers the best suitable compromise proposal that is beneficial to the husband and wife who arrive at mutual consensus with the help of a lawyer in the better interest and prospects of their future and their children who were more prone to the  miserable impact that would have cast by the unhappy legal battle between the parents and the consequences thereof.

Real Estates

Real Estates disputes are obtained from issues relating to succession, inheritance, family differences, property transfers which can be settled through the mechanism of mediation whereby not only the time and money is saved but also the property in dispute is saved from being damaged and wasted due to lingering in the court proceedings. With a view to maintain healthy relations and promote goodwill and amity, parties may resort to alternate dispute resolution.


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