Slum Redevelopment
In urban areas the slum area is a large portion of land densely populated and occupied by the hutment dwellers-tenants belonging to the economically weaker sections of the society by reasons whereof the such land or property is declared as slum area by the Competent Authority acting under the provisions of the Maharashtra Slum Areas (Improvement, Clearance and Redevelopment) Act, 1971 (for short THE SLUM ACT).
With a view to fully exploit and make use of the constructible potential available to the such land under slum area the Government has launched the Slum Redevelopment Scheme whereby proper and adequate housing and all other civic and municipal amenities are intended to be provided to the hutment dwellers through private Developers in the construction sector who are thus motivated with the grant of Transferable Development Rights (TDR).
Under the slum redevelopment scheme the land occupied by the slum dwellers is granted more constructible permit ie. FSI out which the Developers are to build accommodation and tenements for the hutment dwellers and thereafter to consume and exploit the remaining balance area of such land and the available Floor Space Index (for short “F. S. I.”)/Floor Area Ratio (for short “FAR”)/ Transferable Development Rights (for short “TDR”) at the scale and proportion as may be permitted, after providing accommodation and the tenements to all the hutment dwellers upon the said property or otherwise, for residential or commercial sale at whatever reasonable rate the Developers may prefer.
The Slum Redevelopment Scheme is approved, sanctioned and supervised by the Slum Rehabilitation Authority (for short SRA) constituted under the Slum Act.
The Developers are entitled to the clubbing of two slums in the same ratio zone. Thus any non workable scheme can be clubbed with workable scheme or the slum under reference as per the guidelines issued from time to time by the Municipal Bodies and/or concerned Authority acting under the Town Planning Act, 1966 and/or SRA under the said Slum Act or any concerned Authority under any relevant statutes, law, regulations for the time being in force.
For availing the benefits in the form of sale component subtracted out of the total constructible FSI the Developers are to erect and set up the transit accommodation for the hutments dwellers-tenants as per the specifications, rules and guidelines as may be laid down by the SRA under the said Slum Act or any concerned Authority under any relevant statutes, law, regulations for the time being in force and to provide all the basic amenities like electricity and light in the common area, water and drainage and W. C. facility and to maintain the same as and when required and also shall manage and maintain the transit accommodation and shall spend the money to kept the common area and W. C. clean and shall ensure the stay of the occupants and residents, comfortable.

Cluster Redevelopment
With a view to remove congestion All the properties in residential zone which are at least 30 years old within the Congested area are now proposed to be eligible for Cluster Redevelopment where the rehabilitation of tenant/occupier is proposed be made free of cost. The incentives for the Promoter of Cluster Redevelopment is proposed in the form of additional Floor Area Ratio (FAR) or Floor Space Index (FSI) for free sale.

MHADA/Government Allotted (flood affected) Colonies
Government Housing Colonies which have become old and dilapidated are now proposed to be redeveloped under the Town Planning enactments. A lawyer is advise upon the rights and duties of the old tenement holders; promotes, developers, powers and functions of the Government, etc.