Real Estate
& Construction
We assist leading developers, contractors, REITs, brokers and other real estate and construction entities with transactions, land use, litigation, regulatory compliance, financing, zoning and other legal aspects unique to these industries.
Infrastructure and Project Development
We guide sponsors, lenders and partners on legal aspects of developing major infrastructure projects including concessions, P3s, project finance, joint ventures and other structures from permitting to financing, construction and operations.
and Vehicles
We advise global OEMs, suppliers, dealers and tech companies on regulatory compliance, contracts, trade rules, cybersecurity, autonomy and other legal matters facing the dynamic automotive and vehicles industry.
and Healthcare
We assist biopharma companies, providers, device makers and health tech startups with IP, licensing, regulatory compliance, reimbursement, privacy, transactions and litigation.
Information Technology (IT) & Telecommunications
We advise technology companies on IP protection, licensing, privacy compliance, transactions, telecom infrastructure development, spectrum policy and emerging technologies like AI and blockchain.
Retail and
We handle legal issues like leasing, distribution strategy, digital advertising, privacy rules, licensing, litigation defense, e-commerce expansion and strategic counsel tailored to retail industry clients.
Renewable and
Non-renewable Energy
We represent renewable energy companies and oil, gas and mining companies, advising on project development, transactions, regulations, incentives, litigation and joint ventures.
Manufacturing and Consumer Goods
We assist manufacturers and consumer product companies with governance, contracts, trade rules, regulatory compliance, IP protection, transactions, liability risk and litigation defense.
and Research
We represent universities, schools, education nonprofits and edtech companies on governance, research commercialization, legal issues and regulatory compliance facing academia.
Non-Profit and Social Organizations
We assist foundations, charities, advocacy groups and social enterprises with nonprofit formation, governance, fundraising rules, tax status, compliance and mission-related initiatives
Media and
We represent broadcasting, film, publishing and entertainment companies on IP protection, content distribution, royalty payments, regulatory compliance, litigation and transactions.
and Finance
Our attorneys advise financial institutions on lending, regulatory compliance, fintech innovation, payments, fund formation, consumer finance rules and the full range of banking legal issues.
Energy and Natural Resources
We advise oil and gas, mining and commodity trading companies on transactions, regulations, litigation and other legal aspects of developing coal, minerals, petroleum and other natural resources
and Logistics
We represent air, ocean, trucking, railroad and advanced mobility companies on regulatory compliance, claims, antitrust matters, safety rules, contracts and other transportation legal needs.
and Tourism
We represent hotels, resorts, restaurants, venues and tourism companies locally and worldwide on development, financing, franchising, construction, litigation, licensing, permitting and regulatory issues.
Agriculture and
Food Processing
We assist farmers, ranchers, cooperatives, equipment makers, food processors and agribusinesses on trade rules, land use, supply chains, IP protection, FDA regulation and other legal issues facing the agriculture industry.